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God Made Women Beautiful - by Aaron Akins

Lisa Marie Presley Listening to Aaron Akins Dedicated Song

Aaron Akins is a singer, songwriter, television performer, actor, and, according to his friends, a comedian. He began his singing career in church where he grew up in Chicago.

Akins unique voice delivery range has often been termed “strongly reminiscent of Nat King Cole”, a likeness beautifully demonstrated in his ‘Into the Coleshow. He has also been honored to sing for the Pope at the Vatican.

He describes his style as a “contemporary blend of jazz, Urban, and R&B” and has been hailed by the media as a singer out of the ordinary!

God Made Women Beautiful is more than a concept; it is a philosophy, a world view, a belief.

A twice-featured performer at the annual Music Benefit Concert and Awards galas of the American Society of Young Musicians, Aaron believes that the world needs to see more positive images in music, especially nowadays when the opposite is too often true.

And in the quest to bring more positivity to the music front, Aaron feels he was inspired by God to write his song, ‘God Made Women Beautiful’, which Aaron himself acknowledges as probably his most important musical contribution not only the song, but the movement it inspired.

Aaron Akins Jazz Performer with Kimberly Elise
Lisa Marie Presley with Aaron Akins Jazz Singer and Actor

“There are so many negative images and thoughts and words in music today, espeically some Rap, that it is absolutely imperative that there be some positive images and thoughts and words in music today,” said Aaron.

‘God Made Women Beautiful’ is an attempt to remind women about the truth of who they are… it has a message to all women, not just some women. Every woman on the planet, I am trying to remind them that they can’t be anything but beautiful. Because anything other than beauty is just an illusion, it is not real, it’s just an idea.”

The song, God Made Women Beautiful’ has been considered for a Grammy Award, and is one of Aaron’s favorite personal compositions. “It’s just such a meaningful song to me,” he said.

It seeks to celebrate the beauty inherent in women, their emotions, their affection, intelligence and power.

God Made Women Beautiful is a movement to bring together strong women from across the globe, educate, support, and empower them to achieve their full beauty and potential… It is an effort to spread the message of pride, accomplishment and positive self-esteem; things desperately needed in these times, when all emphasis seemed placed on physical appearance, material possessions, and social status. God Made Women —All Women— Beautiful. And their inner qualities should be the primary measure of beauty.