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Aaron Akins in I Think You Should Leave TV Show with Tim Robinson

Writers Guild Awards I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson and Aaron Akins as Herbie Hancock
I Think You Should Leave Tim Robinson Show with Aaron Akins

I Think You Should Leave is a comedy television series with Tim Robinson in which the first season holds a 90% approval rating and beat out Saturday Night Live in the Writer’s Guild Awards.

Aaron Akins played Herbie Hancock in the fourth episode.

I Think You Should Leave is a sketch comedy series on Netflix, which has been described as “outlandish” and “demented”, but ultimately “pretty great”.

Akins has also played alongside Gene Hackman in the movie Split Decisions.



Aaron Akins is a talented actor who has played many parts including music videos, television, and even movies. Capturing attention with his stage performance, he wins his audience with a charismatic style all his own.

Though a talented actor, Akins’ heart can truly be seen in his music performances with an alluring style unique to the greatest talents of all time such as Nat King Cole – which Akins does an extraordinary performance, Into The Cole.

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